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JIB provides comprehensive training in commercial single-use processing equipment for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as working professionals who are expanding their skill sets. Its training includes industry standards and advanced technologies to provide its students with cutting-edge information in a rapidly changing field. 


Students come out of the JIB trained on the absolute cutting-edge equipment, with the specific skill set needed in the industry today.

Nafees Norris, Thomas Jefferson University

As the first African American man admitted to the Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing, Nafees Norris paves a path for others.  


Cell therapy, gene therapy, and gene editing companies now employ about 4,900 workers across the region. The sector can add as many as 11,274 jobs over the next decade.


Graduating students reflect on their time at Jefferson as they look ahead to bright futures.


Staff trained at the expanded Thomas Jefferson University institute for bioprocessing will use advanced sensors to create digital twin models for enhanced process development


The 40,000-square-foot expansion is being funded in part through a $2 million grant from Pennsylvania's Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. The grant was "matched and exceeded" by Thomas Jefferson University’s capital management committee.